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Passionate about assisting people to be their best possible selves

I am a counselling psychologist, based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. I specialise in working with children and teenagers

I have spent my career in various roles, including private practice, school-based psychotherapy and organisational consulting. I currently work in private practice where the bulk of my clients are teenagers and children, but I also enjoy working with adults who are looking to overcome challenges they may be experiencing. I also work at King Edward VII School as the School Psychologist where I provide psychotherapy, career assessments/guidance, educational talks and leadership development programmes. 

A guiding principle that informs much of the work I do is based on the belief that people are resourceful, resilient and have untapped knowledge. By assisting my clients in accessing these resources, I assist them in finding ways to approach their lives and the problems that they encounter differently. 

  • BPsych (Hons) - University of Johannesburg

  • MA (Counselling Psych) - University of Pretoria

  • Counselling Psychologist - HPCSA

  • Full Member - PSYSSA

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